River Ward

Barking and Dagenham London Boro

Highest scoring candidate for this ward
Livingstone, Ken (The Labour Party)

Results for 2012
Badges for this ward: BNP +199% Tory Party -29% Labour Party -69% Green Party -17%

Votes data

1581 first preference votes across 7 candidates

Candidate Name / Party Number of first preference votes Average votes across all wards Statistically significant difference?
Livingstone, Ken
The Labour Party
937 1357 Below average (69%)
Johnson, Boris
Conservative Party
423 1482 Below average (29%)
Cortiglia, Carlos
British National Party
87 44 Above average (199%)
Webb, Lawrence
UK Independence Party
50 66 Average
Paddick, Brian Leonard
Liberal Democrats
36 140 Below average (26%)
Jones, Jenny
Green Party
25 151 Below average (17%)
Benita, Siobhan
23 128 Below average (18%)

This tool is a hack by by Matt Andrews. I'm a web developer, not a statistician. Don't sue me.

Source data taken from London Elects' Mayoral Election 2008 / 2012 data and Chris Bell's supremely useful UK Postcodes data. Hosted on DO.