East Walworth Ward

Southwark London Boro

Highest scoring candidate for this ward
Livingstone, Ken (The Labour Party)

Results for 2012
Badges for this ward: BNP -52% Tory Party -37%

Votes data

2356 first preference votes across 7 candidates

Candidate Name / Party Number of first preference votes Average votes across all wards Statistically significant difference?
Livingstone, Ken
The Labour Party
1352 1357 Average
Johnson, Boris
Conservative Party
552 1482 Below average (37%)
Paddick, Brian Leonard
Liberal Democrats
183 140 Above average (131%)
Jones, Jenny
Green Party
123 151 Average
Benita, Siobhan
83 128 Below average (65%)
Webb, Lawrence
UK Independence Party
40 66 Below average (61%)
Cortiglia, Carlos
British National Party
23 44 Below average (52%)

This tool is a hack by by Matt Andrews. I'm a web developer, not a statistician. Don't sue me.

Source data taken from London Elects' Mayoral Election 2008 / 2012 data and Chris Bell's supremely useful UK Postcodes data. Hosted on DO.